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Bonding is a term that describes white fillings placed on front teeth, to fix chips or discoloured tooth structure, or make crooked teeth look straight. This can be a very conservative and affordable way to get an improved smile.

A white plastic filling is placed on tooth structure using a special glue, so it “bonds” to the tooth. The dentist will choose a shade that best matches the colour of your teeth, to try to make the bonding look as close to natural as possible. Nowadays, there is a broad range of shades available. Usually, only very little tooth structure needs to be removed, if any. At times, no anesthetic is required.

Bonding is more affordable than other ways to fix teeth, such as porcelain veneers, and can usually be completed in one visit. The drawback of bonding is that unlike porcelain, it may discolour more quickly over time. As well, bonding is more likely to chip and need repair, though repair can be easy and relatively inexpensive.



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