Laser Dentistry



Laser Dentistry

The word “laser” stands for : Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Lasers are used in many industries, and they are becoming mainstream in dentistry. This technology benefits patients in many ways. Soft tissue lasers allow the dentist to perform surgical procedures quickly with little bleeding, much shorter healing times, less post operative sensitivity and decreased risk of post operative infection (since the laser does not leave an open wound; it “seals” the area that’s been operated on). Sometimes, a laser procedure can be done without anesthetic.

What a diode soft tissue laser can do:

  • Seals blood vessels (Hemostasis)
  • Separates soft tissue precisely
  • Sanitizes the treated area
  • Gentle (may not require anesthetic)
  • Minimal swelling after surgery
  • Decreases healing time for some cases (Biostimulation)

Examples of procedures that our dentists can do with a laser are: reshaping of gum tissue, removal of excess gum tissue, removal of a skin tag in the mouth, and even decreasing the healing time needed for aphthous ulcers (biostimulation).

Our dentists have been using a soft tissue laser for most of their career. We are proud that our patients benefit from having this technology available to them.

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