In our office, in addition to full orthodontic treatment using Invisalign, we offer basic orthodontic treatments, such as:

  • space maintainers
  • fixed retainers
  • removable retainers
  • mild tooth movement via retainers or appliances

Space maintainers

Space maintainers are usually small appliances that are used after a baby tooth is removed, to keep teeth from shifting and using up the space needed for the adult tooth to come in. In some cases, where teeth are lost on both sides of the arch, a larger appliance is made to keep the adult molars from tipping into the space. Space maintainers are usually used when a baby molar is extracted or lost before it is ready to and the underlying adult tooth is not ready to come out yet. Without space maintainers, adjacent teeth can shift and cause crowding and impeded the adult tooth from coming in, or coming in at the right location. Space maintainers are cemented onto one of the adjacent teeth and then removed easily when the adult tooth starts to come in. This is a very inexpensive way to minimize the need for braces (or at least decrease the complexity of braces).

Fixed retainers


Fixed retainers refers to the wires that are placed behind the teeth after your teeth have been straightened. Their purpose is to help keep teeth in their new position. After some time, these can break and require repair or that a new one be made. In our office, we can do either one for you.

Removable retainers


Removable retainers are clear retainers that are given to a patient after their teeth have been straightened to try to keep teeth from moving back. They are custom fitted to your teeth, and you usually use them at night time. Removable retainers can be made by a local laboratory, or even by the makers of Invisalign.

Mild tooth movement

Invisalign is how we move teeth in our office, and if a case is too severe, we will refer you to an orthodontist. When a case is very simple, and all you need is one tooth pushed just a bit, or turned just a bit, we can sometimes do this with some trays made by our local laboratories, or by a simple orthodontic appliance.

Our dentists are interested in orthodontics and have taken additional training in this field to better take care of your orthodontic needs. Please ask your dentist any questions about straightening your teeth, or keeping them straight.