Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is basically a really deep filling – a filling that includes the roots of the tooth, not just the part you can see. Endodontic therapy (“root canal” as it is commonly called) is indicated for a variety of reasons, which include: the tooth has a cavity that is too large and has affected the nerve, the tooth is abscessed, the tooth is turning grey and does not have any feeling, or even when a tooth has a very big filling and a post is needed to hold a new filling or crown.

Root canal therapy is done in our office or by a specialist. Our dentists will advise you as to the complexity of your case and where you need to go to get the best treatment. Root canals can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple of appointments to complete. Basically, the contents of the root are removed and the empty canals in the roots are cleaned with antibacterial agents and special files. After this, the canals get a special filling, usually gutta percha, and then the tooth gets a filling (with or without a post). Back teeth that get root canal treatment usually get crowns or onlays to protect the tooth from future fracture, since root canal treatment can leave a very large hole in the tooth and the remaining tooth walls are weakened. On radiographs, you can tell which teeth are root canal treated because the filling material in the roots (gutta percha) shows up white.

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